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Relief Beerstein German Cities, 3/4L, 9.84inch
Relief Beerstein German Cities, 3/4L, 9.84inch
Relief Beerstein German Cities, 3/4L, 9.84inch
Item: 8015359
Relief Beerstein German Cities, 3/4L, 9.84inch
Thewalt Beersteins

Thewalt-Beerstein 5 German Cities, 3/4l, 9.84 inches

Relief-Beerstein made by the Thewalt stein factory.
Five German Cities Stein.
There are five well-known German cities and their mayor sights depicted on this stein. The center of the stein is a large Old German Eagle; directly under it is the Berlin sight, the Brandenburg Gate. To the right are Rothenburg and Heidelberg with its famous Castle ruin. To the left are Neuschwanstein Castle and Munich with its town hall.
3/4L, 9.84 inches tall, hand-painted, rustic style and colors. Pointed quality pewter top.
Handmade in Germany.
A beerstein made by the Thewalt beerstein factory, in the so-called Kannenbaeckerland, the German pottery and beerstein center.
Unfortunately, the Thewalt beerstein factory has closed down in May 2009, after producing steins for 116 years. All steins currently on the market are remainders of stock. These steins are already rarities and will become so even more. No more steins by Thewalt will be produced. Due to this the limitation edition numbers of the stein have not been fully produced!
Made in Germany.

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